RECRUITMENT OF PARTICIPANTS Tracking Institutional Trading Using Volume Profile

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    Tracking Institutional Trading Using Volume Profile

    Video: Volume Profile Broken Down On Forex & SP500

    Learn which markets Volume Profile is applicable to
    Learn Volume Profile terminology – understand the important features and what they mean in relation to a price chart
    Understand how price reacts to volume profile and the common rule that drives it
    Learn how to idenfity where banks are dealing
    Learn how to identify take profit targets (plus an important tip that’ll help you every time)
    Identify areas you should be trading and why they are important
    Learn how typical price patterns e.g. Double Bottoms, relate to Volume Profile
    A sneak peak at Supply and Demand Lines (not Zones)
    Learn how Volume Profile helps you identify value and why that’s significant
    Identify the side of the market price is always pushing towards
    Learn the kind of price movements that tend to get cleaned up
    Understand what low volume signifies and where price should head
    How Supply & Demand patterns can work in unison with Volume Profile to give you clues about higher probability trades
    The Supply & Demand traders fallacy that Volume Profile answers
    How to use Volume Profile across mutiple days
    How to use Volume Profile to identify zero value for sellers and buyers and how this relates to your trade
    Learn other clues left by Volume Profile that help you determine trends
    Volume Profile’s Value Areas – to use them or not to use them
    Learn why fading moves is dangerous and how Volume Profile helps prevent this
    How Liquidity Voids work alongside Volume Profile
    What kind of patterns to look for on lower timeframes to craft your entry
    How Volume Profile identifies a fair price for traders
    What to look for if you were to fade (trade against) a level
    What the “real” holy grail in trading is
    No Indicator Required

    $197 cost per participants depends on how many will join eventually. 10 people $19,70 . 20 people $ 9,85 ...etc
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