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    MK IDA

    have dynamic Login or signup to view link that help traders to decide the price key points and also produces long and short signals which have alerts feature too so traders won't miss any signals if they aren't in front of Login or signup to view link /laptop. This indicator usages some well known popular indicator like Login or signup to view link , Login or signup to view link , Login or signup to view link high low, etc which covers most of the market situation which a trader should be aware of during trading. The various input values within the setting can be changed to adjust the indicator depending on financial markets and timeframe. Bar colouring, Login or signup to view link bands, Login or signup to view link lines, background, etc all can be managed depending on one's need.

    Clearly shows trend direction, volatility, momentum & sentiment of any financial market.

    Price above the hull moving average signalling potential bullish move in the market while the price below signalling potential bearish move.

    Dynamic resistance and supportlevels. When the price is below the hull the it act as a dynamic resistance and while the price is above the hull moving average it acts as a dynamic support. Most of the time price test the hull moving average and either breakout or pulls back.

    Generates potential long and short trade signals using a complex formula of volatility , momentum, and trend following.

    indicator is specifically designed for day traders , this indicator is tested and approved by many top traders and it has more than 80% success rate. IDA INDICATOR before streamlining it. ( Watch our testimonial videos).

    A powerful indicator that provides long and short signals using Oscillators and Volatility measurement. The indicator has such a feature that smoothes out the price action and makes it easier for retail traders to judge the overall price action or market situation/structure

    MK IDA INDICATOR is equipped with a unique trading algorithm that will provide highly accurate buy/sell signals

    The colour of background helps you undrestand the overall market, just by looking at the background you will know if the asset is bullish our bearish , its clean and straightforward, it helps you see and understand the market sentiment much better the overall market.

    Boost you confidence and profit by MK IDA INDICATOR . Instead of waisting your time trying to figure out all other indicator out there and how they work, let it do the job for you and give you a straight answer, Long or Short!

    .Available in MT4 & Tradingview

    .Applicable on all Majors ,Currency pairs, Stocks, Commodities and .....

    .Recommenced timeframe: Can be any timeframe

    .Receive notifications on mobile and desktop

    .More Than 80% Wining Rate, the accuracy of signals also can be managed in setting base on your time frame and your trading style.

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