DOWNLOAD KopirMT4 v4.56 Copy trades for MT4

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    KopirMT4 v4.56 Copy trades for MT4

    The copier has a high speed and is not dependent on ticks. Copy speed - less than 0.5 sec.
    Transactions are copied with high accuracy, the scalper mode allows you to copy only at the best price.
    Able to increase transaction volumes from Signals
    It does not lose position when a connection is lost or the terminal is restarted.
    Does not load the processor and does not have a large load on the PC or VPS.
    The number of terminals (server \ client) is not limited.
    It does not use a DLL and does not transmit data to the Internet.
    It can work with other advisers (experts) and scripts.
    It works correctly with partial closure, without losing the spread at reopening.
    Able to filter copied transactions by parameters (more in the instructions).
    It supports the “correct” reverse of transactions taking into account the spread and the specified indent.
    Able to copy server trades when they are in plus or in the specified minus.
    It works correctly with cross rates, metals, CFDs, stocks and futures, as well as instruments with prefixes (automatic detection of prefixes).
    Recognizes differences in the name of metals and supports copying on them (XAUUSD <-> GOLD, XAGUSD <-> SILVER and others, you can configure any scheme).
    Allows you to organize any copy scheme from one account or from several. Supports copying MT4 <-> MT5 Hedge, MT4 <-> MT4
    We provide information support for free and are ready to complete the turnkey setup.
    We are ready to listen to the opinions of our customers and implement the necessary functions to make our product even better.


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