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    Indicator for trading binary options Digital Logic_W

    This is perhaps the only indicator that immediately solves two main issues in binary options trading, this is the direction of the contract and its duration.
    The most important task for a trader is not to yawn or miss signals. But it is mostly resolved
    The signals of the Digital Logic indicator do not need to be further analyzed to trade it or skip it, you do not need to filter and puzzle for how long to buy a contract, all this now disappears.
    When a signal arrives, two main parameters are clearly known - the duration of the contract and its direction. To trade binary options, nothing else is needed. The presence or absence of a trend does not affect the signals; the indicator uses a completely different signal search principle.
    The logic of the indicator is based on a mathematical model of market volatility. We will not describe this algorithm here, everything is shown in detail in the video that comes with the indicator.
    It is worth noting that understanding or misunderstanding the logic of the indicator in no way affects the outcome of the trade, since the incoming signals do not need to be analyzed at all. It is important only to buy a contract on time.
    In other words, this is an indicator for those who do not like to think about where the price will go or for how long to buy a contract. Whoever constantly doubts whether or not to trade is worth it, it's time to buy a bet, or you still have to wait, and so endlessly, why does your head spin. With this indicator, all these questions do not arise.
    The indicator gives signals for trading from 1 minute to 30 or more minutes, depending on which trade the trader prefers.

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