DOWNLOAD Hedge Fund Withdraw Daily 10-25% Return With 30% Drawdown Follow Institutional Trader System

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    This Thread is to help people who really want to make some fortune in forex market.I know you may have seen these types of claims many times but everytime you got ripped.My intentions are to help every trader on this forum so people can make money during these hard times.I am starting this account with 5000 usd.I will target 10-25% profit daily with max drawdown of 30%.I will withdraw my profit every week.This strategy has been working for me for last 3 months.I have tested it for last 2 years manually by scrolling down the charts.It may fail sometime but if you keep on withdrawing every week you will always stay successful.I am not asking anyone to start posting negative right away or posting it scam.I just opened a new account so everyone can see how it works in future.Open your mind and keep watching the myfxbook link.For now I am posting myfxbook link but from coming week i will also provide investor password here publically.

    Myfxbook Link: Login or signup to view link

    I am always open for positive criticism but if you do not like just scroll and move to next thread.In 1 week I will also post the way How you can follow my trades but it will be based on profit sharing no upfront fee no trade copier or whether admin can open one account and people can invest in that one account.But it is still to early to ask for this as i want people to watch the account for atleast 2 weeks