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    Forex Gambling Tool для MT4 build 1170

    If you don't know how to trade please go here - it is in your best interests!
    If you are an experienced trader, but you do have hard limits drawdown please leave, because this tool and the method he uses, will only make you nervous.
    But if you really know how to trade, and you are a responsible player at heart - read on!

    ForexGamblingTool - margin trading EA for MetaTrader 4. Is the trade Manager for manual traders. It is not an automatic trading robot.

    What is trading on margin?
    The approach is very simple:

    • You put only a small portion of their risk capital.
    • Margin call is your friend!
    • Stop loss - your stop!
    • Before entering a trade, you set the margin you want to keep.
    • If the trade goes in your favor, FGT will add to it, while maintaining a specified margin level.

    In the video example of the strategy tester for EUR/USD on a normal day ranking. Because there is no trend, we try to choose tops and bottoms using zone supply and demand on a 15 minute chart. Six intraday inputs we could raise the score from $ 100 to 256 000 dollars in one trading day!

    The basic philosophy of the trade from the margin:

    • Use a reliable broker.
    • Keep all your risk capital in your wallet / safe (if available) or on a special "Deposit" account that you SHOULD NOT trade!
    • Put only a small portion of your capital (we suggest 2-5%) on a separate "trading" account under the control of MarginTrader.
    • Margin call (stop out) is your risk limit, in the same way as you use a stop-loss at a greater expense.
    • Select the limit margin prior to entrance in accordance with your strategy.
    • If you lost, never mind - restart, rethink and try again.
    • Hold on to the successes and let them run!
    • Take your profit and place it back into the purse.

    The real trick is to put on the market for very little capital. From a psychological point of view, it is much easier to control. You can't destroy thousands of dollars if the market decides to go against you - you just lose a few dollars, restart, rethink and try again! If you catch a good deal from time to time and put, at least, most of the profits in the wallet, you'll be fine - the basic premise of the Margin Trader - adding to winning positions with the use of free margin. With this approach he is able to produce exponential growth. That's why the rewards can be huge!
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    What is the difference between forex and gambling?
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