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    A brief background on how we developed a win-win strategy for binary options and how we made $ 33,000 in a month.

    Not every trader who earns or tries to make money on binary options knows how the binary options trading system works from the inside. As a rule, all beginners try a lot of strategies on the Internet, trying to find the most profitable strategy to start really cut millions on options. But in the end, their attempts do not end in success, and sooner or later people drain their deposits. And binary brokers remain in chocolate.

    This and we ourselves passed, for 4 years of studying the binary options market, we shoveled the entire Internet and thousands of different forums not only Russian-speaking audience, but also communicated with many foreign traders: with the Spaniards, Germans, British. They have the same situation for binary options, they are all in search of a working uninterrupted system. Most traders, and more than 90% of them, drain their money! This is the main problem that does not find a really working profitable strategy for binary options.

    But, not so long ago, at the end of 2016, we began to communicate and cooperate closely with English IT programmers who even had experience in the company Microsoft. This is really a genius in their field, we called them "hackers", hackers — this is an understatement, if we take into account the fact that after a couple of months with their help we managed to develop SOMETHING!

    Briefly about the essence that we were able to find. We have fully explained to programmers the whole system and algorithm of the currency market, and specifically how binary options work. Our guys "hackers" quickly delved into the topic and determined in which direction you need to look for invaluable information. It was necessary to find a market pattern of movement of currency assets. As a rule, the market itself is natural, everything that happens today, when it has already happened in the past and may happen again in the future. All technical processes, such as support and resistance lines, they also confirm that the market remembers past moments and repeats its movements in the current time.

    Our programmers have developed their own system for finding patterns in the market for a couple of weeks. After that, they launched the whole process of searching for natural movements on the most liquid assets, such as: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and others. Each currency pair has been monitored since 1998.

    Most importantly, after a month of work, we found what we wanted! We found a pattern of movement of candlestick patterns, all this is called Price Action. But this is an unusual Price Action. Were found rare patterns that occur almost every day, but most importantly, no one knows about them, and it is impossible to notice with the naked eye.

    The pattern reaches 80%-90% forecasting the direction of movement of the next candle in certain market moments! This means 8-9 trades out of 10 are profitable, but it is better to take a larger ratio, for example, out of 100 trades on average there are 80-90 trades in the black.

    It was one of the happiest of our days! And the next happy day was when we were convinced of this in practice, when the broker with a Deposit of 250$ we dispersed the account to 33 000$. True, the broker greedily did not want to part with such money, but still brought the money, so as not to spoil his reputation.

    Our English "hackers" programmers have worked hard! Of course, not for the "thank you" they worked, it cost us about 90 000$. But we knew what we were doing it for and what we were doing it for, and what would give us a positive result of the development. Us this development has given financial independence!

    The trading system was given a simple name BinarySecret. Under the developed system was made a simple dial indicator with a hidden code, so that the information in the future did not fall into open access, and then the people themselves can destroy such a gold mine, or the brokers themselves will penetrate the chip and will "put a spoke" in the wheels of traders, they know how to do it!

    All the same, thanks to our English language. It is to them that we are grateful for everything, they are really masters of their craft — they did almost impossible, Microsoft certainly does not take everyone to its employees.)

    Video 1: earned $ 109 in 5 minutes

    Video 2: earned $ 219 in 5 minutes
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