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    Binary BOMB is an indicator for binary options that has a consistently high WinRate of about 75% !

    With the same settings, it allows you to work on all (!) Currency pairs without exception around the clock.

    The main indicator algorithm is based on candlestick analysis. He takes all the data for entering a trade directly from the chart, without using any technical or third-party indicators.

    The indicator can be used in two modes (in the settings to choose from):

    When the first mode is on, the indicator emits about 10 signals per day, while WinRate averages about 70%;
    When the second mode is on, the indicator emits about 5 signals per day, while WinRate averages about 75%.
    Additionally, there are 2 filters with which you can largely customize the quantity and quality of signals.

    For many it is no secret that at the moment most brokers introduce a number of significant restrictions. Namely, at the beginning of each hour (in the first and last minutes) brokers either cancel deals or significantly reduce the payout percentage. Therefore, many indicators in this case are simply useless. The peculiarity of this indicator is that absolutely ALL of its signals are received only within an hour ( !), Bypassing brokers' restrictions.

    Binary BOMB has a fairly convenient and functional graphical interface .

    An integrated tester is available for displaying information . In a couple of seconds, it allows the user to check the indicator's accuracy at any time interval (with any settings), determine the number of profitable and unprofitable signals, their Max series and overall WinRate; calculates the possible profit, and also shows the Max drawdown on history (Min Balans).

    Main characteristics
    Currency pairs: All ;
    Timeframe: M1 ;
    Expiration time: 5 candles (5 minutes) ;
    Trading period: Round the clock ;
    Martingale Method: Not applicable.
    The main characteristics are not tied to specific frames and there is a possibility of their variation.

    The indicator allows you to trade on all (!) Assets available from the broker. This versatility allows you to easily diversify your trade.

    Trade entry rules
    The signal appears on a new candlestick (on the first tick). The trade is entered immediately when the signal appears.

    The presence of a preliminary signal will inform in advance about the approach of a possible signal for entry.

    Attention: Signals never disappear or redraw!

    Spoiler: Options
    The indicator is designed for both manual and automatic trading.

    During automatic trading, the name of the indicator is written in the EA and its buffers are set: 0 - Buy, 1 - Sell.

    Binary BOMB does not need to filter its signals by any additional third-party indicators.

    Binary BOMB is an independent and self-sufficient trading system that does not require any add-ons.

    * In the animation below, you can see the results of testing this indicator for a long period with the same settings for all assets. To check and compare the results of the Demo version of this indicator, you can use the built-in tester of the MT4 terminal.

    binarybomb-screen-7748.gif 5 (7).jpg 4 (7).jpg 3 (12).jpg 2 (20).jpg 8.jpg 10.jpg
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